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Danny L Lee

Author of "The Art of Property Claims Adjusting" and Several Sceenplays

Danny Lee has been in the Insurance industry for over 33 years.  Has written several screenplays over the last ten years.  He has held positions as a Property Claims Adjuster, Liability Claims Adjuster, Executive General Property Claims Adjuster, Claims Supervisor, Branch Claims Manager, Regional Claims Manager, National Commercial Property Claims Manager, Home Office Property Manager, National Subrogation and Salvage Manager, expert speaker, expert witness and trainer.  Danny has extensive training in the areas of insurance, he obtained the highly recognized CPCU designation, along with many other insurance training.  His bachelor degree in Business Management and related Master courses has given him the knowledge needed to be an effective Adjuster and Leader in the Insurance Industry.  His six years in the United States Air Force gave him the discipline and leadership needed to be successful in the many fields.  His world travel to over 40 countries has given him experiences to draw upon in his writings.  He has received many awards and recognitions throughout his 40 years of employment.  He has been married for 39 years, with four children and six grandchildren.


Screenplay writer

Author of Major Motion Pictures

Writing movies has been a passion of Danny for many years.  With several screenplays under his belt, Danny has the ability to write various genres and each one is a unique story sure to capture the audience.  Some of his recent screenplays include Beneath the Rivers, Park & Ride and The Unthinkable.


Danny has over 34 years experience in the area of claims adjusting and leadership.  He has conducted claims business in all 50 states.  Danny has a vast amount of knowledge in which to share in seminars, trainings and the ability and experience to be an expert witness in legal court cases.  Book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


With a keen ability to create new and exciting stories for the big screen, he has made his mark on the screenwriting community.

Here are just some of his completed screenplays:

Beneath the Rivers

The Unthinkable

Park & Ride

Perpetual Love

"What is gained by having a vast amount of knowledge or new and creative ideas and not sharing with others.  Once you have mastered a trade, then spend time helping others master their trade"


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